FTTH: A Brighter Future of Connectivity

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2 min readAug 17, 2021

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk, persistently clicking or rather torturing the refresh button as well as yourself just because you have lost the internet connection exactly when the working hours were about to conclude. Frustrating yet familiar moment right?

Hopefully, we won’t witness such an inconvenience in the near future as fiber optics-based networks are all set to replace the ancient communication infrastructure.

In this era, flawless internet is the common factor behind the solution of all our needs and wants. The insatiable hunger for increased quality of the internet has contributed to cutthroat competition between the providers.

As this level of demand is beyond copper wires’ capacity, the network consisting of fiber optics comes into the picture with its extraordinary ability regarding speed. With the help of FTTH, the pipe-dream of smart cities is not far enough to remain a ‘pipe dream.’

It manifests better internet services because it manages to have fiber optical connections to literally the user’s doorstep. This enables it to provide increased volumes of digital data.

Although, FTTH is not the only term for such kind of network which can provide hassle-free internet. There’s FTTB which stands for Fiber To The Building. It can be used for the building or complexes containing enterprises; basically connectivity for a professional space. One more is FTTC which means Fiber To The Curb and lastly FTTH, Fiber To The Home.

Adopt is working on home-grown technologies hardware & software, to enable seamless connectivity through & access, the vast deployed fiber infra in India. Still, miles to go to connect the last mile. It is here where a push is required from all the stakeholders…(a) Government, with policy support and rural deployment, (b) Service Operators, with deployment push and value-added services offering..© Bandwidth operators, with cost-optimized data solutions..(d)Access Equipment & Technology solution providers, with Made-in-and-for-India solutions.

A fully connected Digital India is the vision we all cherish to achieve. Thereby giving the end-users, not just The Quality of Service QoS, but also the Quality of Experience QoE. Let’s join hands and make this happen !!!!….





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