Next-Gen Cloud-managed Wi-Fi Access Points: Yay! Or Nay!

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3 min readNov 5, 2021

Remember the scene in the award-winning film Parasite where the poor family has to remain in the most uncomfortable part of the house to get internet access? Quite similarly, we all must have struggled to get better connectivity on our phone by shifting the phone into million different directions! That’s what happens when we depend upon the traditional (standard) access point.

These access points (the ones that we have been using till recently) have a limited range of reach, however, there is a fitting solution for that. The cloud-based internet access points are capable to provide seamless connectivity, plus they come up with improved security and safety.

What cloud-managed Wi-Fi is/how it works?

While Traditional wireless access points offer connectivity by operating as a router, they lack the capacity to provide seamless connection during strolling around the area. At the same time, cloud-based access points can ease a customer’s experience with wireless internet in any situation.

A vast chunk of businesses has turned to cloud-based Wi-Fi in order to access a hassle-free, constant and cheaper connectivity. One can manage network Wi-Fi and network infrastructure through the cloud making it easy to deploy and utilize.

How Adopt’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi stands out in the crowd?

Adopt offers its customers and ISPs extra-ordinarily efficient Wi-Fi Access points that are operative over clouds. Such access points not only provide interruption-free connectivity but also are also able to provide a bunch of benefits.

  • Uncomplicated Network Deployment

Despite being more efficient, cloud-based Wi-Fi can be organized in an easier way than the traditional one. The network can rely upon a single point for management. This single point of access can manage operation including installation, configuration, network maintenance as well as diagnosis.

This way, it becomes a more preferred choice for small businesses. Its central wireless access point management dashboard can identify and troubleshoot the problems when and if they occur.

  • Lesser Cost; More security

This one sounds too good to be true, however, it is quite true. Owing to its cloud-centered technology and simpler network deployment it costs way lesser than the normal Wi-Fi access points. For small-scale businesses, this factor can play an important part in their growth. At the same time, the next generation cloud-based Wi-Fi assures us to keep it secured.

  • Real-time functioning and Backup

As it is totally on the cloud, one can receive and address real-time alerts. Also, backup for such access points is likely to require less energy and time.

While the technology is showing robust yet rapid growth it is yet to see how soon the cloud-based Wi-Fi access points take a larger part of the globe under its efficient wings.



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