WiFi: An Innovation Around Which the World Revolves

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3 min readJun 30, 2021
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Back in the 20th century, the old school computers were the flagbearer of ‘change’ in every field. Later, in the late ’90s, the rapid spread of the internet and Google made this world an easier and quicker place to be.

In the last two decades along with smartphones, wireless internet has won everyone’s hearts. With the help of WiFi (Wireless Fidelity), one can be anywhere and still can avail information and services at the tip of his/her finger.

While aside from food, clothes, and shelter, wireless availability has become essential for individual use, for businesses, wireless internet holds another level of cruciality.

The below chart shows how WiFi 6 etc’s position strengthens over time:

wifi and broadband comparison
Source: Google Trends

In the past couple of years, the usage of the internet, especially the WiFi-based one has skyrocketed owing to the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus. Huge chunks of people are either opting for working from home or are anyway forced to. Tech giants such as Twitter and Google have announced that they will enable work from home policy for a lifetime! Even education and every other kind of learning has moved to the web. Such transformation has caused every individual to have smooth access to the internet.

Moreover, the tech world has already come up with an updated and much more efficient version of WiFi i.e. WiFi 6. At the same time, 5G is also around the corner. Interestingly, WiFi 6 plays a vital role in 5G’s connectivity; 5G faces trouble while penetrating through concrete walls and WiFi 6 can come in handy to help 5G travel without much ado.

5G Connection — Future
Source: Unsplash

Since its inception, WiFi 6 has been grabbing quite an attention. Some of the most ‘in-demand’ smartphones including .. and .. supports WiFi 6. On the other hand, reportedly, Elon Musk’s tech giant SpaceX is mulling over the idea of providing WiFi services to flight travelers.

Also, WiFi 6 is spreading its wings across many countries; Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo has enabled the same network in its premises for passengers in terminal 3 “best-of-breed Samsung Galaxy devices.”

The way the next-gen technology is making its space while delivering tremendous results in such a rapid way, we can surely believe that not just our business areas like workplaces, shopping complexes, and hotels but our homes too will be digitized with WiFi 6.







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