WiFi Till and Beyond 2025

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3 min readSep 28, 2021

Ever wondered, if there is anything in tech space is yet to surprise us? Artificial Intelligence..check; Internet of Things…check; Learning/paying/working from Distance check. Seems as if every imagination by techies have been achieved and nothing is left anymore.

But no! We are still working and hoping for better; improved; enhanced. Better devices, Better power saving,… as well as better connectivity. With wifi 6, we have already invented faster and smoother wireless connectivity. However, WiFi 6E is all set to amaze us.

To be precise regarding upcoming years, we can expect WiFi 6E to become the chief medium of connectivity by 2022. Notably, Apple devices and router OEMs will be adapting this new form of technology in the next year.

Not to forget, we at Adopt Nettech are already set up to deploy WiFi 6E for all our clients. We can’t wait to improvise our already state-of-the-art and on-point services.

Why WiFi 6E?

● Unlike WiFi 6, speed is not the show-stealer here! WiFi 6E’s main advantage is that it can sufficiently avoid network congestion while not compromising with the speed aspect.

● WiFi 6E is basically WiFi 6, but with a much-increased spectrum. As WiFI 6E operates with a 6 GHz band it can offer a more contiguous spectrum and less interference.

● Wi-Fi 6E’s setup is enabled to look for and identify the devices that can support WiFi 6/WiFi 6E standards.

How will it impact the global wireless connectivity space?

The onset of WiFi 6E will definitely take the market many steps up; also, as Adopt Nettech along with the rest of the firms will be utilizing WiFi 6E for our clients, the user base of the awaiting technology will widen up.

Such changes are likely to affect the future of WiFi on a positive note. Amid that, we can have a bird’s eye view on how the same market is taking shape these days.

Factors driving the demand for wireless connectivity:

● Inclination towards smart infrastructure,

● A significant rise in the reach of the internet

● More and more usage of the Internet of Things (IoT)

● Distance learning and remote working due to the pandemic

● Increased demand for low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks in the IoT applications

Factors jeopardizing the wireless space:

● High power consumption by wireless sensors, terminals & connected devices

● Lack of uniform communication standards act

Apparently, the future of WiFi seems way stronger considering the above-mentioned factors. We are yet to see how WiFi 6E performs against the odds in the next couple of years.





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